Peter Block

I fell in love with Peter Block years ago when I read “Flawless Consulting.” It was eye opening to absorb his authentic approach to client relations.  He’s now turned his attention to building community and stewardship.  I sat in on his February webinar, Introduction to Stewardship.  He turns everything on its head.  He contends that we are increasingly isolated through human-free communication, constant interruption, speed and scale as god and desire for control and predictability.  He posits that stewardship is the antidote. He had a million things to say, but let’s just name a few:  “We all have to row together. So how do we start a stewardship culture?”  Peter doesn’t promote strong leadership, rather suggests being convener, host, servant.  This was a great reality check for me, given that I’ve been enmeshed with the new, instant lending world.  Thank you Peter.

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