More Flawless Consulting

I participated in a Peter Block webinar based on his book, Flawless Consulting. As I’ve written in a previous post, his authentic-communication-with-compassion approach is refreshing. Here are some of the highlights.

Get clear with clients on your role as a consultant: expert, collaborator or pair of hands.

There are three tiers of business communication in identifying the issue and framing the project: listen, acknowledge what you heard and offer support.

Get clear on all the client’s needs for the project and state your needs, as consultant, as well.

Come right out and ask about doubts upfront: What doubts do you have about the project or working with me? What can we do to alleviate the doubts?

Bring transparency to underlying emotions disguised as resistance by naming it, not interpreting it. Just name the behavior as neutrally as possible. The words confront, but the tone supports.