Diamond Approach Online Program Director

The Diamond Approach is a contemporary spiritual path that combines ancient wisdom with modern psychology.  The Ridhwan Foundation, a spiritual nonprofit based in Berkeley, California, offers teachings in the Diamond Approach around the world.

Ridhwan has traditionally offered these teachings through in-person encounters, including group meetings and retreats.  To reach a broader audience, the Foundation recently began offering teachings and practice sessions online.

In 2018 and 2019, I worked with the senior leadership of the Foundation, including its founders and several ordained teachers, as the Program Director of this initiative, called Diamond Approach Online.        

The challenge of this new, online program was to create a coherent suite of courses designed for an online environment, while staying true to the ethos of the founders and their traditions.  To that end, I worked with senior leadership on all aspects of the initiative, including program design, technology development, communications and messaging, budgeting, strategic planning and fundraising.