Spirituality in Daily Life

Diamond Approach students have traditionally studied this path with the purpose of getting in touch with and living from spirit.  Teachings have largely been in person, requiring significant time and…

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Diamond Approach Online Program Director
Vernal unfolding fern leaves. Young sprouts of fern of light green color.

Diamond Approach Online Program Director

The Diamond Approach is a contemporary spiritual path that combines ancient wisdom with modern psychology.  The Ridhwan Foundation, a spiritual nonprofit based in Berkeley, California, offers teachings in the Diamond…

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Authentic Communication

As my blog posts and client lists attest to, most of my consulting practice revolves around small business and community development. I was at a board retreat last month and…

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More Flawless Consulting

I participated in a Peter Block webinar based on his book, Flawless Consulting. As I’ve written in a previous post, his authentic-communication-with-compassion approach is refreshing. Here are some of the…

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The Authentic Boss

I listened to a webinar by Bruce Tulgan, "It's OK to Be the Boss" where he made the point that much of the leadership literature today is focused on being…

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