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[li]Do you need financial analytic tools for daily and long-term management decision making?[/li]
[li]Would you like to forge a stronger link between your numbers and your vision?[/li]
[li]Would you like to forge a stronger link between your numbers and your vision?[/li]

[li]Would you like to explore your growing financing options?[/li]

[li]Have you outgrown your bookkeeper but are not yet ready for a CFO?[/li]
[li]Is your accountant focused largely on taxes rather than business management?[/li]
[li]Would you like help transitioning to a ‘CFO corporation’?[/li]


I have been addressing these issues with businesses for twenty years and can add value to your company as well.  Using financial statements and tools, we can shed light on how your company is doing and discover new ways to shape the future and grow your profits.

Business Development, Coaching and Financial Analysis

Getting to Quality Financial Reports: Set up books right and avoid common mistakes – to get quality reports that inform the bottom line

Profit and Loss: A business owner’s best friend

Profit &Loss Analysis: How to Make More Money: Trend, Margin and Class analysis; three case studies

Pricing Strategies: Increase profits with strategic use of margins Dashboards. Look at the same essential numbers each month; three models

Cash Flow Projections: Succeed by managing cash well and setting goals; compared to P&L; sample Excel spreadsheets
Breakeven Analysis. Set easy-to-understand sales goals; Free e-book on my website

Proper Use of Debt Financing

Assess Loan Readiness: Global Cash, Debt to Income; Collateral Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Repair

Balance Sheet: Learn to use it as a tool for growth and financial strength

Managing Resistance with clients and customers: Five steps with suggested questions for each step

Creating Trust with clients and customers: Five stages of trust with suggested questions for each stage

Communication Skills: Three elements and suggested behavior for each element


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