Authentic Communication

As my blog posts and client lists attest to, most of my consulting practice revolves around small business and community development.

I was at a board retreat last month and mentioned that I enjoy designing and facilitating authentic communication processes. One of the board members came up to me at the break and asked me about my communication services to help with staff team building.

I love doing this work, and want to include it in my professional offerings.

I have a long history in communication facilitation, consent decision making and authentic circle processes. I am a trained facilitator in M. Scott Peck’s Community Building Process as well as Girls Circle process. I’ve participated in Wings seminars, Leonard Jacobson retreats and Graceful Warrior weekends. I’ve made a study of sociocracy consent decision making.

I use some of these skills when I facilitate business groups, as well as in small groups that have nothing to do with business development: my local food sustainability project (Grub Club), the community garden in Mt. Shasta and women’s circles.

These methods are a means to bring more authenticity, humanity and equality to a group, while at the same time asking participants to own their participation, expression and feelings. They are a path to community, where people feel more connected, seen and alive.

All of this can be brought into the workplace to enrich and strengthen any project, business or organization. Call me to discuss bringing this to your team.