About Susan Brown

My goal is to help you marry financial, organizational and professional success with the ideas that matter to you the most: the values and passions that add depth, meaning and energy to your life.

My job is to provide you with concrete information, support and collaboration to make your work effective, connected to your values and aligned with your goals.

Two fundamental passions drive my work:

  • Economic justice and values-driven economic development to support women and minority communities. 
  • Personal growth and consciousness work in service to truth, depth and wisdom.

My years of experience in both arenas provide a mature, in-depth perspective to individual and organizational change.  I’m committed to building professional communities that share knowledge, energy and ideas for mutual support.


  • 25 years of experience in microenterprise and microlending, collaborating with CDFIs throughout California
  • 25 years of experience with business development, program design, messaging and online learning
  • Life long commitment to personal growth, focusing in the past five years on the Diamond Approach
  • Presenter, trainer, facilitator in both intimate and national settings
  • Bachelor’s in Economic Development from U.C. Berkeley and Master’s in Public Policy from Princeton University 

What Others are Saying

Every program that Susan has designed and implemented for us has been a success. Early on, she grasps an understanding of the intended audience and is able to develop relevant programs, create implementation strategies and staff training to ensure a program will work. And when there’s a bump in the road, she always has a creative approach to solve obstacles and get all parties working collaboratively.
Susan has been instrumental in leading California’s microfinance field into the 21st century. She recognized the need for the industry to adopt new technology to increase efficiencies and reach more borrowers. She’s worked with technology providers to understand their contribution to the field; she’s worked with organizations, their leaders and their staff to change their lending processes in order to scale; and she’s created a program that will develop best practices for the industry.
Claudia Viek
CEO - Cameo
Susan has an uncanny ability to turn ideas into real structure and to facilitate a process to make it all work.
Nancy Swift
Jefferson Economic Development
Bringing in outside consultants isn’t always easy. Susan pulled it off with her solid approach and sheer intelligence.
Jim Cross
Cross Petroleum
It’s rare to have someone so skilled in business management with strong people and training skills as well.
Marajen Moore
Awaken to Life
Susan is a top-notched trainer. Every training that she has developed for us has received high praise from a sold-out crowd. She’s clear, well-organized, well-prepared and delivers meaty, cutting-edge content with a sense of humor. And she’s mastered the technique of audience engagement through webinars, that’s no easy feat!
Heidi Pickman
CAMEO Director of Communications
Meetings facilitated by Susan have clear agendas and goals. But what sets them apart is her ability to recognize and communicate what’s important to the audience, what their big questions may be, and what next steps need to be taken. She recently facilitated a group of leaders in the California microlending field and the whispers at the end of the meeting were along the lines of "this was the best meeting I ever attended."
Shufina Engish
CAMEO Director of Programs
Susan is very knowledgeable. GREAT CONSULTANT/FACILITATOR!!!
CARAT Training Participant
Sales Manager with over 10 yrs. working with clients
Susan is an excellent trainer & delivers the information in a way that not only makes sense, she demonstrates how to use it directly with clients. I hope we will continue to see her in future trainings.
CARAT Training Participant
Business Development Center with over 10 yrs. in lending experience
Excellent presenter; had my attention at all times. I found this workshop extremely helpful and I will not only apply what I learned at work, but I will also use it in my personal life.
CARAT Training Participant