Employing program design, process management, training, and facilitation skills, I help business, government, and nonprofit clients achieve transformative results by focusing on vision alignment and capacity building.

My experience and insight enable me to provide high-level innovation coupled with skill development that make things happen on the ground.

I support people and organizations to:

  • Create projects that inspire and sustain them
  • Name their vision and create actionable roadmaps to get there
  • Build the capacity to achieve their goals
  • Serve communities for social and economic impact
  • Identify their true gifts as the foundation of a fulfilling practice

I am your bridge between:

  • Nonprofit mission and professional microlending
  • The business world and your spiritual teaching practice

Please visit Susan’s Corner for examples of my client projects.  Contact me for a free consultation.

                    “Susan has an uncanny ability to turn ideas into real structure and to facilitate a process to make it all work.”            

–Nancy Swift, ED JEDI